Your Fingers Are Important – See Why You Should Entrust Their Care To Us!

Think about your everyday life. How often do you use your hands and fingers? You use them to brush your teeth and style your hair, prepare and help eat your food, work at your job, take care of your family members, and for countless other tasks without your realizing.

When you suffer an injury to your fingers, hand, or your wrist, you can find that life can quickly become quite difficult. Luckily, there’s a way to help your hands feel better faster – hand therapy.

Apex Helps Out at the Edwardsville Rotary Criterium Event!

The 5th Annual Stifel Edwardsville Rotary Criterium took place on Saturday, August 15, and ApexNetwork Physical Therapy was excited and honored to participate! ApexNetwork staff Brent Garner, our Maryville Clinic PT and Clinic Manager, Katie Hamilton, our Maryville Clinic ATC, and Lindsey Katz, our Collinsville Clinic ATC and LAT, hosted the First Aid Tent at the race.

Hey, Employers! Make Your Workplace Safer and More Efficient with Apex!

Employers, we know how difficult it can be to face injury in the workplace. We know you want to make sure that your employees are strong and are prepared physically and mentally to do the job that they need to do. That’s where ApexNetwork Physical Therapy can help!

Clinic Manager Pick – How to Tackle Lower Back Pain

One of the most common injuries that a physical therapist will treat is lower back pain. The causes of lower back pain can be traumatic, wear and tear, postural, and ergonomically induced because of the specific job.

Treat Your Body Right – 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose ApexNetwork Physical Therapy

Accidents and injury are a part of life. It would be incredibly difficult to get through life without having some sort of physical setback, whether it’s a rolled ankle, a broken arm, or any other sort of injury that slows us down a bit.

Clinic Manager Pick – Manual Therapy for Cancer Patients

For people with cancer and cancer histories, manual therapy can be a powerful healing intervention. Skilled, structured manual therapy has potential to reduce isolation, relieve symptoms, and help people feel cared for, whole, and empowered.

Help Your Young Athlete Stay Strong and Avoid Injury with Our Sports Rehab Program!

Summer is in full session, and if you’re probably enjoying your well-deserved time off, especially if you are a young athlete. It’s a time to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the hot summer sun. After all, it’s too hot to practice or workout, even if you’re on a sports team at school, right? Wrong!

Experience Superior Aquatic Rehabilitation at ApexNetwork!

Water has been used for centuries to heal the body and the mind, including ancient Rome, China, and Japan. The ancient Greeks took therapeutic baths to cure whatever ailed them. In traditional Chinese and Native American healing systems, water is believed to be an essential ingredient in healing the sick.

We believe in the healing power of water here at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy. That’s why we offer our patients aquatic rehabilitation!

Introducing Our 3 Newest Locations in Illinois – Gillespie, Granite City, and Collinsville!

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy started over 15 years ago in a small clinic in Highland, Illinois with the mindset of being the best in providing quality outpatient physical and occupational therapy services. From these humble beginnings, we slowly yet steadily began to grow and expand throughout the Metro East St. Louis region and beyond.

Now we are happy to announce that we have recently opened two more clinics – one in Gillespie, Illinois, and one in Granite City, Illinois! We will also be opening the doors to one more clinic – a location in Collinsville, Illinois – on July 31 this year!

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Participated in the Multiple Sclerosis Challenge Walk

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy recently participated in the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Challenge Walk 3. This is a 50 mile walk that took 3 days to bring us closer to a cure. Bene Hanquet, Clinic Manager at ApexNetwork in Frontenac completed the walk along with Megan Brusca and Tiffany Pugh, who are also ApexNetwork employees at the Frontenac office. They walked through St Louis areas to finish at Webster University where family and friends cheered them on. There were around 150 walkers and as many or more volunteers.

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