Create Space & Run for Research Events

ApexNetwork in University City recently participated in 2 events; Create Space & Run for Research.

Helpful Hints to Protect Your Pitching Arm in the Upcoming Baseball Season

With baseball season rapidly approaching, many young boys are going to start pitching during their spring and summer seasons. Parents as well as coaches need to be proactive with helping their young athlete protect their arm as well as learn what age and what types of pitches they should be throwing during the upcoming season.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Our modern era home and work environments have created room for a debilitating injury to creep in and take control of many people’s hand function. As an Occupational Therapist who’s practiced and treated hand injuries since the mid 1970’s, I’ve seen an increase in the incidence of what is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). I’d like to explain what it is, how to detect if you might be having CTS symptoms and what to do after you determine you might be afflicted with it.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Opens New Training Center

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy announces the opening of its new corporate training center designed to serve the company's expanding clinic network.

Located at 30 Apex Drive in Highland, IL, the facility features a large classroom with projector, screen and whiteboard, a conference area, kitchenette, and additional office space and meeting rooms.

Avoiding Winter Sports Injuries

Winter sports are a great way to stay active during colder months, as long as you participate with common sense and caution. Do not take on more than your skill level will safely allow, and wear protective equipment to ensure you can enjoy your sport for the full winter season!

Before heading out on a ski vacation, most people prepare by reserving a room, booking a flight, packing their winter clothes and their skis. However, if you do not prepare your body, you might end up spending more time in the doctor’s office than on the slopes.

What a Pain in the Neck!

Many things in life can be a pain in the neck, and for 10% of the population it is more than just a figure of speech. According to a study by Donald R. Gore, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, at any given time about 1 in 10 people suffer from neck pain (1). The Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study ranked neck pain as the 4th highest in terms of disability as measured by years lived with disability, and 21st in terms of overall burden (2).

6 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make (and Keep)

The end of the year is drawing nearer as we prepare to celebrate the holiday season, which means that roughly one in three Americans will be resolving to better themselves in some fashion. While 75% of these people will stick to their goals for at least a week in the upcoming year, less than half will remain on target 6 months later.

Sure, it’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm for your goals long after you’ve welcomed in the New Year, but it isn’t impossible! Start 2015 off right by resolving to better your body (and life) with these 6 healthy resolutions below:

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Spine Disorders Can Be Treated Effectively With the McKenzie Method

Did you know that activity related disorders of the spine are experienced by approximately 50-80% of the adult population at some point? The peak prevalence of these disorders appears to occur between the ages of 40-50 years with an incidence of 15-20% of individuals experiencing neck or back pain annually. Women tend to be affected by disorders of the cervical spine slightly more than men, whereas men tend to be more affected by low back disorders.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

What is the rotator cuff? The rotator cuff is comprised of 4 muscles that surround the shoulder joint. The job of these muscles is to: 1) help move the arm away from the body and for rotation of the shoulder joint 2) to provide stability to the shoulder joint during any shoulder movement.

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